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virtumvpcracked allows you to send a http request to a vpp domain to do the following:



  • discover the subnets in the vpp domain.

  • get the subnet's ipv4 and ipv6 public ip address.

  • connect to the specified subnet using http.

  • if specified, import the credentials to the subnet.

  • if specified, delete the subnet.

  • if specified, delete the vms that were previously discovered.

sudo virtumvpcracked --subnet --public-ip 192.1 --credentials-file /etc/vpp/test.pp --vm-name myvm1 --vm-password mypassword --vm-import-credentials --vm-delete-credentials options --subnet-ip-address this address is the ip address of the subnet. this is the ip address that will be used by the vpp fw to connect. this ip address is not a vpp service address.

now that the leaked source code of the next (codename: virtumvpcracked) version of the vmware esx server is online, a fresh analysis of this new version of esx is in order. this version is only available for download in the iso image format. since the released code of virtumvpcracked is much larger than the released of esx4.2, it took us several days to analyse the code and to publish an updated analysis of esx4.2 with the latest changes. you can download esx4.2.0.5 from in contrast, the code of the new version virtumvpcracked is only around 10mb and we were able to analyse it within a few hours. this is mainly due to the fact that virtumvpcracked does not include any new features and it mainly is a bug fix release.


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