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Deathloop (PC)

Side note: I've been able to run some games with just the CPU integrated graphics at roughly 80FPS, risk of rain 2 being one of them. I am just curious cause I was either going to buy deathloop now or just wait until I get the 3080 GPU. Thanks!

Deathloop (PC)

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You wake up after this brutal end at the exact same place and time, thus confirming the "deathloop" in the game's name. All of your inventory is gone. But this time, at least, your consciousness is retaining memories. No more amnesia. The first thing you remember is a password to open a critical door. From here, you set out to accumulate knowledge and break this time loop. No one clarifies why Julianna keeps trying to kill you or why everyone on this time-bent island doesn't just chill out and enjoy being able to survive death over and over again. 041b061a72


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