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CEO €?Deep Fake’ Swindles Company Out Of $243K

A deep fake is a plausible video or audio impersonation of someone, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Security experts say that the incident, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, sets a dangerous precedent.

CEO ‘Deep Fake’ Swindles Company Out of $243K

The scammers then called back for more: Kirsch told the WSJ that the imposter called the target company three times. The transfer went through after their first call, then the attacker called a second time to lie about the money having been reimbursed to the British company. Then, they called a third time, to ask for another payment, using the same fake voice.

Fake news, also known as junk news orpseudonews, is a type of yellow journalism orpropaganda that consists of deliberatedisinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional news media (print and broadcast) or online socialmedia. Many fake news items use deepfake videosand are distributed through social media. Althoughmost social media platforms have policies to bandeepfake pornography, other disinformation videosare not explicitly banned. The main challenge is thatapplications for generating deepfakes are availableon the Internet, and anyone with malicious intentcan target a person or organization by creating fakevideos and fake news.

In a sign that audio deepfakes are becoming eerily accurate, criminals sought the help of commercially available voice-generating AI software to impersonate the boss of a German parent company that owns a UK-based energy firm.


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