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Official Huawei Honor 6X BLN-L24 Stock Rom For USA Region

Huawei has officially released Android Nougat 7.0 B360 OTA Firmware Update for Huawei Honor 6X (BLN-L21/22/24).The update is currently available in USA, India, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.If you live in any of this regions then you are lucky enough to update Honor 6x to B360 Nougat (BLN-L21/22/24).

Official Huawei Honor 6X BLN-L24 Stock Rom For USA Region

Carlos Gaona AndradeHi there! Thank you for reaching Honor Device USA. How may I be of help today?Randy JohnsonI still have not received the latest update to Android 7. Is there problem as my other phone, has?Carlos Gaona AndradeHello Randy, sorry to hear you havent received the update. There is no problem with the device or update. The update is sent to the devices by batches, and we do not have any control over which batches of device receive the update. But all the devices will receive the update.Randy JohnsonDo you have any information as to when this process will be complete? I am rapidly tiring of waiting.Carlos Gaona AndradeI do apologize Randy, we do not have information on when the update will be completely sent to all of the devices.Randy JohnsonDo you have any information as to why my attempts at a manual update always fail?Carlos Gaona AndradeHow have you tried to update?Randy JohnsonVia Firmware Finder and by downloading the update files and then installing via the hidden menu.Carlos Gaona AndradeWhat is the firmware you have tried to install?Randy JohnsonBLN-L24C567B360update.zipupdate_full_BLN-L24_hw_usa.zipCarlos Gaona AndradeThis is not the update package that goes with your device, this is why you are not able to install the package.Randy JohnsonIts all over on the internet indicating these are the correct files. If these are not correct, what is the correct one?Carlos Gaona AndradeThe correct file has to match your device and it will be available when you receive it through OTA. We currently do not have the update available to provide it.Randy JohnsonMy device is a BLN-L24. How is that not correct? Also, I am not asking you to provide me with the file, I smply want the name of the file so I can stop wasting my time with this.Carlos Gaona AndradeI do not have the file, but it will have to match the device so it can be able to install it. The firmware that you are trying to install will not install because it isnt for your device. Your device is BLN-L24 but the firmware is for a different BLN-L24. These devices and there firmware are all made for certain specific regions or countries and vary. If you are trying to install a different firmware that is not compatible with your device it will not be able to install it. This is why we need the correct firmware.Randy JohnsonCan you tell me which region or country the firmware I am trying to install is for?Carlos Gaona AndradeI do nat have this information, the only information I have is for devices in the U.S. in our database. And this firmware does not belong to the Honor 6X U.S. version.Randy JohnsonEven though the file itself says USA in the name? When I decompress the file, it also indicates it is for the USA in many of the files.Carlos Gaona AndradeYes this file that you have may say it is for the USA version and for the Honor 6X, but I really wouldnt be able to tell you who put this out there but it is not from Honor Official page.Randy JohnsonSomething is not right about that. How can you know this if you do not have a file name to compare to? Also, is there any other support for this problem that I can access?Carlos Gaona AndradeThe only thing I know is if you are not able to install the update or firmware it is because it is not the correct firmware to the device. You can access our Honor official website to see if we have the update firmware available or you can try get the update through settings> updater to see if you can get the update there.}Randy JohnsonObviously I have tried those avenues already. I am disappointed about the support on this issue. More answers should be available. I would like some additional information on how to complain further about this and the lack of support available.Carlos Gaona AndradeI am sure you have tried these methods but there is no other way to get the official update version from Honor. I have provided you with all the answers, but I do not have the firmware to provide. If it was in my hands I would give you the firmware. I will be glad to do so, but I do not even have the firmware to provide you with.Randy JohnsonAre you saying there is no higher level of support?Carlos Gaona AndradeWe all have the same tools, the update will be available when the update is released for the batch your device belongs to. I can escalate this case, but we do not have the firmware to provide.Randy JohnsonAgain, I am not asking for the firmware, I am only seeking the correct file name(s) to assist me and many others from countless hours of wasting their time trying to update with the wrong file. I would also hope to enlighten thoses who have posted the wrong file.Carlos Gaona AndradeRandy we do not have the file name. If I had the file name I will give it to you. We do not have the android 7 update for the Honor 6X available, therefore we do not have the file name available. I cannot give you the file name that I do not have. The update will be sent to your device via OTA. We do not have the file name available.The update has been launched and you will receive it soon.Randy JohnsonThank you for your assistance. I shall be sending email complaints on this matter to hopefully find someone who is capable of correcting this deficiency. I will also be posting this conversation on the numerous sites offering the false information so that my efforts can help others avoid these issues. ReadCarlos Gaona Andrade1:22 pmIt has been a pleasure Randy we will be glad to attend you via email about this matter. I hope we can better assist you. I recommend you get any firmware in the future from the official website. Have a great day!Carlos Gaona Andrade has closed the chat.Start the chat again


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